Certified Natural Blue

Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough

Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough
Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough
Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough

Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough

9.69 x 5.40 x 3.13 mm. Please feel free to ask for a 360 degrees video of this gemstone and we will be more than happy to facilitate your request. If you cannot decide between multiple gems, just give us their item numbers and we can provide a video of those gemstones side by side to make their comparison easier. You will receive the laboratory job number once the gemstone has been delivered to the laboratory.

You can use the job number for verification & tracking whenever you contact the laboratory. Once they have processed your request and issued a certificate. Taking independent verification to a whole new level & providing ultimate assurance. GIA offers expedited certification in 48 hours. More than 70% of our sales are to jewelry manufacturers.

We take pride in offering the best possible terms and prices to all members of the gem and jewelry industry. Just send us a message and we will be happy to work with you. If you cannot find the sapphire of your dreams, give us a chance. We are able to offer custom cut sapphires based on any facet diagram or image that you provide.

Our lapidary in Sri Lanka is equipped with state of the art facetrons, worked by highly experienced cutters. There is pretty much nothing that we cannot do if the rough material is available.

We are accepting all major credit cards. Both US & international credit cards are accepted during checkout. Which has allowed us to offer. The 30 days period begins from the day you sign for the parcel at your address. All of the gemstones we sell are mined, authentic and natural.

Treatment disclosure is also very clearly given if the stone has been subjected to any form of enhancement. We are proud of controlling our production line from the very base of its roots in Sri Lanka & Africa. This gives us the ability to ensure. Our rough is from conflict-free zones, ethically sourced.

A business without ethics is unjustifiable and against the very core values of humanity. We are a registered business in Sri Lanka, Madagascar & United States.

Documentation & necessary licenses required in every step of the production have been obtained from the regulating authorities. Our business is being regulated by the Ministries of Environment, Mines, Commerce, Health & Labor in Madagascar. All messages are responded by our gemologists within a few hours.

Your question doesn't have to be about a particular item, even if you have a general gemological question, let us know. We look forward to being of your service. A GLIMPSE INTO OUR WORLD OF SAPPHIRE PRODUCTION. ElixirGems is a subsidiary of SapphireBazaar, which is a division of Chic Societe Inc. A gemstone trading and faceting corporation established in Tucson, AZ (USA).

Our company was established by Dr. Mansoor, a Medical Doctor who started gem business as a hobby over 20 years ago. Today, it has turned into a professional wholesale business which supplies fine natural sapphires to jewelry manufacturers all around the globe. It is crucial to select only the highest quality rough to get the top quality faceted gems. Therefore we cherry-pick the best stones from thousands of carats of.

Rough sapphires as soon as a new parcel becomes available in mining zones. We are continuously in search of the finest gems in excavated gravels from mother earth.

The majority of our products are faceted without any form of enhancement. The ones which require an enhancement are only subjected to a low temperature basic heating. Sapphire mining is a very challenging and tedious process. Therefore we do our best to support miners and their families in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

A percentage of our income has been devoted to opening free clinics in rural Africa. Rough material from the miners, each stone is carefully sorted in terms of its color and clarity in order to decide about the cutting type and faceting diagram necessary to achieve maximum possible brilliance and luster. We do our best to maximize the sparkle through precision cutting with less yield from rough whenever possible and prefer to get smaller but more beautiful faceted sapphires. We have done our best to have an office in every sapphire mining village of East Africa and Sri Lanka so that we can stay in touch with local sapphire traders and miners.

We are truly privileged to have the pleasure of employing truly expert local cutters who are highly experienced and very well trained when it comes to faceting rubies & sapphires. We have been very fortunate to get acquainted with jewelry manufacturers from all across the globe and share our love of sapphires with them. We are looking forward to working with you. We guarantee that no one can compete with our prices, quality, and services. Give us a chance to impress you and.

You will become a repeat customer. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Loose Diamonds & Gemstones\Loose Gemstones".

The seller is "elixirgems" and is located in this country: LK. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Gemstone Shape: Uncut
  • Certification: SCI , GIA (Upon Request)
  • Wholesale: No
  • Gemstone Creation: Natural
  • Item Width: 5.40 mm
  • Gemstone Color: Bi-Color/Multicolor
  • Lot: No
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Modified Item: No
  • Item Length: 9.69 mm
  • Length: 9.69 mm
  • Width: 5.40 mm
  • Cut Grade: Uncut
  • Gemstone Clarity Grade: Loupe Clean
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Madagascar
  • Item No: A1482
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Variety/Type: Bi-Color/Multi-Color
  • Gemstone Type: Sapphire
  • Gemstone Form: Rough
  • Shape: Rough
  • Treatment: Unheated, None (No Enhancement)
  • Natural/Lab-Created: Natural
  • Gemstone Treatment: Unheated, Not Enhanced
  • Total Carat Weight (TCW): 1.63 ct
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Brand: SapphireBazaar
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: Bi-Color
  • Item Depth: 3.13 mm
  • Depth: 3.13 mm

Certified Natural Unheated Yellow Blue Sapphire 1.63ct VVS Facet Quality Rough